I love seeing the smiles on customers faces knowing my designs or products added that special touch they were looking for.

~Margo Trevino
The Lily Pad Co.

Before The Lily Pad was “born”, I was a mom of 5 and stepmom to 5 (NO you are not seeing double -TEN) working in the corporate world fulltime.  One of our boys played travel baseball and we began to get tired of every weekend, new shirts, shirt for this tournament, shirt for this themed event….UGH

SO IN 2011….

I convinced my husband to purchase me some inexpensive starter equipment. Every weekend we were sporting new custom shirts.


I began to get asked by parents to make and word of mouth took off.


I began to be so busy and loved what I was doing, so in 2018 I left the corporate world and decided to take the plunge in my business full time. Updated new equipment, added additional equipment, a designated home office/workroom. Expanded by adding digital designs  and print services to the business.

I WAS SCARED! We still had little mouths to feed at home. My supporting husband told me, “You got it, all will be okay”

He was RIGHT…

Here I am still cranking out quality physical and digital orders daily along with added numerous lines of products to our business and have enjoyed every step of it as well as hearing from all my satisfied customers.

Home based licensed business, doing 90% of all custom work in house! due to custom work there is no same day service so please do not ask. we provide both local pickup and shipping to serve all of our customers.

And still growing.....